You too will enjoy Monday

You too will enjoy Monday

Florence, Jerome and their two children Louis and Charlotte arrived on Saturday. They decided not to get up too late this Monday to make the most of this day which looks very beautiful. Yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, they attended the welcome meeting and were able to see the animation program for each day of their stay at the Moulin de David campsite.

8:10 am: Jerome goes to the campsite shop to pick up the bread and pastries they ordered the day before.

8:25 am: Florence arrives on the terrace ... She decided to enjoy her holidays to take care of her. Curious, she goes to meet Martine to discover the sonotherapy. The first time she heard about it was the day before at the information meeting.

9:05 am Florence continues her new wellness program with the discovery of meditation. At the welcome drink Florence and Jerome had asked me about one of the experiences I had presented: meditation. Florence had already heard about it in the media. She read some articles on the subject but she never had the time (or dared?) To get started. This is an excellent opportunity to discover what mindfulness meditation is. This Monday, there are about fifteen clients who have taken their seats on the chairs and who have for the most part taken their first steps towards this practice.

Méditation au Camping Le Moulin de David

9:30 am: Jerome accompanies Louis and Charlotte to the Mammoth Club. Charline, the host of the Club will welcome the two children. Charline, perfectly bilingual, graduated from BAFA (Brevet d'Aptitude au Functions d'Animateur) is perfectly trained to take care of children. This Monday will be about twenty toddlers who will meet around her.

9:45 am Together, Jerome and Florence will now learn about Qi-Gong and Tai Chi Chuan. Jerome practiced martial arts a few years ago. It is really out of curiosity that he comes to try Tai Chi. Among the 23 participants present on Monday all are beginners. Some of them come in "second week" and begin to appreciate the benefits of this activity ... both for the body and for the spirit. One person is very comfortable. It's Laurence, faithful of the Moulin de David for 8 years. She discovered Tai chi chuan from her first stay and now practices the rest of the year. Laurence is a valuable assistant in these learning lessons.
At the end of her first Tai-Chi session, Florence confesses that this first morning is promising for the rest of her stay. She will participate in these wellness activities throughout the week.

Tai Chi Chuan at the campsite Le Moulin de David

11:45 am: Elodie, sports animator at the Moulin de David, just finished the aquagym session. As time goes by, Florence and Jerome head to the Mammouth Club to pick up Louis and Charlotte.

12:10 pm: Here they are installed on the terrace of the bar. Jérôme chose a wine from Périgord walnuts, and Florence, according to the advice of Vincent who officiates behind the bar, a glass of Rosette, a (excellent) white wine fluffy Bergerac). The kids chose a cocktail (no alcohol). Louis the "green" and Charlotte the "pink ... with a straw". Louis and Charlotte are constantly telling their morning with the "anim" Charline. Everyone shows the kite he has made. Obviously for everyone "it's mine the most beautiful and flying the highest ...".

12:45 pm: Jerome goes to get the pizzas he ordered from the Brasserie du Moulin and the whole family goes back to his lodge for lunch. Jerome registered for the Pétanque Tournament which starts at 2.30pm. Do not hang around.

2:30 pm: Jérome comes to participate in the Tournament of Pétanque. He formed his "doublette" by proposing to Gege (another Jerome!) To come with him. Gégé is a camper and his location is close to Jerome's. He also arrived yesterday. Jerome met him by giving him a hand to set up his tent. Twelve teams are registered. No problem because the campground has four very large pitches. The tournament begins in the shade of the plane trees that line the bowling alley.

Petanque at the campsite le Moulin de David

4:15 pm: Jerome and Gege have finished. eliminated in the semifinal Jerome joins Florence and the children at the pool.

5:30 pm: Louis and Charlotte have decided their parents to leave the pool for the benefit of the lake. It is true that in the lake they can use their big buoy and why not try the giant swing on the water. Finally Florence and Jerome do not regret this trip and greatly appreciate the grassy beaches that surround the lake. Louis and Charlotte quickly make new friends. And it is with 6 or 7 kids that they venture in the construction of a castle sheltered from the veil of shade of the maxi sandbox.

6:30 pm: It's time for the shower and so back to the lodge to get ready. Louis does not agree too much to leave the lake so early but his parents know how to convince him "if you want to go to the 'Just Dance' party you have to get ready!" The message went well. Louis leaves his new friends without forgetting to give them an appointment tonight on the terrace.

8:45 pm: Florence, Jerome, Louis and Charlotte take place on the terrace. Coffee for Jerome, glass of Rosette for Florence (which has been conquered by this great wine) and ice cream for children.

9:00 pm: The two animators Elodie and Charline are ready to make this party Just Dance a party. The first video starts. Charlotte and Louis are in the starting blocks. They find their "friends sandbox" and with them they slip into the group of about thirty dancers. Shortly after, it will be Florence and Jerome's turn to play the game.

Just Dance at campisite Le Moulin de David

11.30 pm: Louis fell asleep on his dad's lap. Charlotte hugs mom. It's time to go to bed.

On the return to their Canvas Lodge I meet them all four. Florence throws me a "see you tomorrow at meditation and Tai Chi" and Jerome releases me "it's been a long time since I had not spent such a beautiful Monday"

Yes .... On holiday Monday is always a very nice day

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