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The caves and depths of Dordogne

As it should be in karst country, there are many caves in Vézère Valley. Multiple and mysterious cracks marbling vaults and walls of most caves and sinkholes Perigord today give stalactites and stalagmites, columns, draperies or eccentric dotting the basement of Périgord wonderful crystal cathedrals. Something exceptional, many caves in the Dordogne are traces of the Cro-Magnon men.

The Caves of Maxange

In the Dordogne – Périgord, in Le Buisson de Cadouin, between Bergerac and Sarlat, the Maxange Caves, a masterpiece of Nature, offer the magic of a display of eccentric concretions which are unique in the world.

The Caves of Maxange is already recognized as one of the most beautiful cave of France. A visit that you will remember for a long time.

The Caves of Maxange

The chasm of Proumeyssac

The chasm of Proumeyssac is currently the largest developed cave in the Périgord. 
A tunnel provides easy access to this huge underground vault, whose walls are adorned with countless crystallizations of exceptional density. 
A light show combined with a musical background add to the originality of this site. The 45 minute visit, with commentaries by knowledgeable guides, will be an unforgettable experience. 
This huge underground vault can be encompassed in a single glance. The density and variety of the crystallizations ornating the walls are of undeniable geological interest.

The chasm of Proumeyssac
The chasm of Proumeyssac
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