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children's play areas

In our camping Dordogne, in addition to the swimming and sport areas we created for kids there are four specific playgrounds for very young children: the sandpit by the lake, the train ride and slides, the giant trampoline for kids aged 6 to 12 and Baby Square for children aged 0 -5.

Le baby square

In 2013 we employed an landscape architect to totally revamp the main playground for our special guests aged  0-5. This enclosed 400 square meter area we nicknamed Baby Square features spring rides, a bouncy castle, swings and a sandpit. The secret passage, grassy knoll and pebble river bed help children use their imagination and play at being pirates, explores and mountain climbers! The wooden terrace area with kid sized tables and chairs can become a classroom or stage as children wish.
In order to make this playground as lovely as possible for parents we have taken great care with the landscaping and provided comfy benches in the shade for parents to sit on surrounded by lush plants.

Giant trampoline

We introduced the giant trampoline (4 x 8 metres ) to the campsite in 2013 and it has proved to be a roaring success with kids aged  6 to 12 (and even older!). Up to ten kids can use it at the same time.
Kids are protected when using the trampoline by a safety net surround.

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