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Vineyards of Bergerac

From tasting the wine to visiting the vineyards with an abundance of sensations provoked by the grapes that come in five different colours and 13 AOC's: Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Saussignac, reds, whites, fruity rosés, sweet whites…The colours tempt the eyes as much as the liquid stimulates your senses. An art mastered by the talented and passionate growers. A stroll through the vines then becomes very tempting when one knows that the reward is a special kind of sandwich watered down with a bottle of wine in the chai!

Pays de Bergerac en Dordogne Perigord
Pays de Bergerac en Dordogne Perigord

Situation et climat

En Périgord, le vignoble de Bergerac couvre les plateaux et les coteaux des rives droite et gauche de la Dordogne sur une quarantaine de kilomètres d'est en ouest et une trentaine de kilomètres du nord au sud. La couleur des vignes en automne a donné le nom de Périgord pourpre à la région.
La ville de Bergerac peut-être considérée comme le centre de la région viticole. L'aire d'appellation  concerne le territoire de 90 communes du département de la Dordogne; cette zone de production porte le nom d'arrondissement de Bergerac.
Ouverte vers l'ouest et proche de l'océan atlantique, la vallée de la Dordogne connait un climat de type océanique doux et humide.  Hivers doux, été chauds, automnes ensoleillés, pluies au printemps et à la fin de l'automne.

The Appellations of Controlled Origin of Bergeracois.

Bergeracois hold not less than 13 Appellations of Controlled Origin; The 5 Appellations of Controlled Origin of Bergerac : Bergerac rouge, Bergerac sec, Bergerac rosé, Côtes de Bergerac rouge et Côtes de Bergerac moelleux The 4 Appellations of Controlled Origin of Montravel : Montravel (dry), Côtes de Montravel (soft), Haut-Montravel (soft or syrupy by dispensation) and, since 2001, Montravel rouge. The appellations of Controlled Origin Pécharmant, Rosette, Monbazillac and Saussignac.

You will find wines from Bergeracois at the grocer's shop of the Le Moulin de David Campsite. You can also find them à la carte at the restaurant or served by the glass at the campsite's bar. (To be consumed with moderation).

The Road of Wines of Bergerac

Before going on the road of the wines of the Bergeracois, you can go at the House of wines in the center of the old town of Bergerac. You will discover there the cloister of the Récollets. This "road" aims to be an invitation for a stroll at the heart of the vineyards which divide the hills and the glens of the Country of Bergerac into squares, on either bank of the Dordogne. Incitement to a greedy stroll towards the men and women who make the wines of Bergerac, who like to share their passion...

On the tourist map of the Road of Wines, essential tool for this visit, are 140 vineyards, small vineyards and castles of wine makers united by a quality charter. As many places of pleasure and appeal, but without any imposed course as the best of your guides will be, without any doubt, your curiosity !

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