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Fishing in Perigord

Périgord, with the rivers Dordogne, Vézère, Dropt and its many lakes, has a strong fishing potential. The department of Dordogne only offers 1,800km of 1st. category rivers, 2,200km of 2nd. category rivers and 10,000 hectares of smooth expanse of water. For the fisherman it is a true paradise. If you are either a sportive, or a meditative fisher, or an aficionado of fly-fishing or a simple lover of blob-fishing... you will find fishing locations which associate calmness to the beauty of the sites.

For fishing in river or in lake, the Country of Fortified Towns offers you its numerous fishing locations. At 8km from the Le Moulin de David campsite you will go to dip your fishing line in the Lac du Brayssou, the Lac de la Ganne or the river the Dropt, but hardly farther it are the rivers Dordogne and Vézère which will be your zones of action.

Go fishing in the Dropt

This river which flows at 200m from the Le Moulin de David campsite is typical of the small rivers of 2nd. piscicultural category with a quite narrow bed and quite deep with not much current. Small river of calcareous plain, tributary of the Garonne, the Dropt has only a short course in the department, in its extreme South, in the surroundings of Eymet. Punctuated with superb mills, the setting to practice fishing there is ideal and nice fishing games are frequent there, as well as for white fish (roach) as well as for carnivorous (pike, perch, pike perch and black-bass), without forgetting the not more difficult to catch carps of very good size. The most interesting sites are in the surroundings of Eymet.

The basin of the Dropt is made up of seven AAPPMA (Registered Association for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Milieu). The upstream drop is reputed for teasing the gudgeon. The Dropt downstream is well populated with carnivorous (pike perch, pike, perch and black-bass), white fish such as roaches, bleaks, tench and carps are numerous there. One can also fish for eel, migrating fish, mysterious, running away from light.

Go fishing in the Dordogne

Born in the mounts of Auvergne, the Dordogne enters the department at Cazoulès, 5km West of Souillac (Lot) to leave it near Castillon-la-Bataille. Downstream from Mauzac, the surroundings of Tuilière, and also the immediate upstream and downstream of the dam of Bergerac are sure assets for fishing Trouts, carnivorous and white.

Go fishing in the Vézère

With its relatively quiet constitution, its dark waters (it is called the red river), its wooded silty banks, the Vézère suits well to carnivorous. Access is not easy everywhere, the banks being quite steep. Very good sectors are situated around Montignac and more particularly downstream from that town close to Lascaux, as we are now in the public domain.

Go fishing in lakes

Four lakes will welcome you for exceptional fishing games: The lac du Lescouroux, the lac des Graoussettes, the lac du Brayssou, and the lac de la Ganne. At less than 8km from the Le Moulin de David campsite, the lac du Brayssou (52hectares) and its neighbor the lac de la Ganne (35 hectares) listed as « carp at night » are making carp fishers happy.

Fishing card rate (2016):

  • - 12 year : 6 € / year
  • 12 to 18 years: 20 € / year
  • Adults: € 32 per week, € 15 day from 1 January to 30 June and 10 € from 1 July to 31 December
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