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Stunning gardens in Dordogne

The "Remarkable Garden" label is awarded by the Ministry of Culture in parks and gardens open to the public of interest. It is awarded for 5 years. January 3, 2013, France has 382 outstanding gardens including 14 in the Dordogne. Among these wonders we present our favorite heart to know:

  • The Panoramic gardens of Limeuil
  • Planbuisson
  • The hanging gardens of Marqueysac
  • Gardens of Eyrignac

The Panoramic gardens of Limeuil

The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil take you into a world of themed spaces and woodland trails, where you will learn about the local countryside thanks to a number of working craftspeople. Discover the Garden of Colours, The Sorcerers' Garden, the old-fashioned garden, and the water garden, reflecting some of the hidden secrets of our rivers...
All through the summer young and old can take part in traditional craft workshops - basket-making, weaving, fabric dyeing using plant dyes, felting...........and learn about the traditional skills and knowledge which made our villages what they are.


The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil - Dordogne Perigord
The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil - Dordogne Perigord

The Bamboos Planbuisson

The garden of Planbuisson consists of several parts:

  • the first part, the largest dedicated to bamboo: dwarf, small, medium and giant (+ or - 10 cm in diameter), presented (in landscape form) with perspective views and walks in the woods among the stubble different colors. Small bamboo with large leaves are highlighted near the species particularly light and graceful foliage. A special place is given to clustering bamboo (non-spreading) suitable for small gardens. Beside the mass of Asian bamboos, some rustic bamboo and an African American bamboo.
  • The second part harmoniously blends bamboo and grasses, grouped by continent: Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa, organized in small landscaped beds. A collection of Carex been a specific présentation.
  • A particular composition, drawn from cut bamboo and other grasses, shows that it is possible to build an elegant landscape, especially the long-lasting effects, using only plant families Poaceae and Cyperaceae.
  • Finally, recently established a great musical wheel bamboo and an evocation of zen garden stones, austere, reserved for meditation.The garden offers a highly original, with long walks in contrasts of light and shade with a charming scenery and offering exotic adapted to the climate in most parts of France. The Garden is particularly spectacular in late summer, autumn and winter.

The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac

The castle of Marqueyssac classified site is a private, born of a family history dating back to the seventeenth century. Marqueyssac is one of the most successful romantic gardens of the nineteenth century.Classified site for its historic park of 22 hectares, offers marqueyssac around a castle of the eighteenth century, more than six kilometers of shaded paths lined with boxwood trees 150,000 hand-carved and decorated with gazebos, rock gardens, waterfalls and theaters green ...At marqueyssac, topiary boxwood puts the value with a fancy full of movement. The layout of the sinuous paths is typical of landscaping done in France under Napoleon III. The roundness and rolling the boxwood give Marqueyssac softness and romanticism, contributing to the harmony of gardens with the hills of the Dordogne valley they are inseparable.Built on a rocky outcrop, the park overlooks the valley of high cliffs. Belvedere of the Dordogne, 130 meters above the river unfolds the most beautiful panorama of the Perigord. This unique point of view embraces the whole valley, its castles and most beautiful villages in France: Beynac-et-Cazenac Fayrac Castelnaud,la Roque-Gageac and Domme

The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac Dordogne Perigord
The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac Dordogne Perigord

The gardens of Eyrignac.

Eyrignac is an indisputable leader in terms of Topiary. Its gardens are an encyclopaedia of worked plant shapes, volumes and perspectives: 
box cones, flat yews, spirals, balls, arabesques, etc. All pruning is done using hand-shears, lines and plumb line, like the work of a master craftsman. 

The gardens of Eyrignac.
The gardens of Eyrignac.
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