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Swimming at campiste in Dordogne

At Le Moulin de David campsite guests are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to swimming.  We provide a swimming pool and paddling pool that are warmed up by the sun or you can go for a bracing dip in our freshwater pool.  The latter is fed by a stream that snakes through the campsite and poolside areas here are a little on the small side. Guests are required to wear swimming trunks and swimming costumes in the swimming pool but shorts/ bermuda shorts are allowed for guests who prefer swimming in the ‘lake’.

Swimming pool

The 200 square metre pool and paddling pool are in a very lovely setting. Nestled at the foot of a slope planted with oak trees and facing due south this area slips seamlessly into the landscape. The extensive poolside areas are kitted out with lots of sun loungers for guests to lap up the sun at leisure.


The ‘Lake’ is an natural bathing pool measuring 600 square metres that is fed by the stream running through Le Moulin de David campsite. This pool is totally natural and we do not add any cleaning products whatsoever to the water here. All we do is empty the pool and clean it out every Saturday (the only day this facility is closed). This is the place to come for bags of energetic, watery fun on the campsite in comparison to the swimming pool which is quieter environment for guests. There is a giant water trampoline (more than 5 metres wide) and two water slides, one of which is specifically for younger kids. The lake is also home to water polo tournaments and other water-based activities organised by staff at Le Moulin de David.
With a maximum depth of  1.40 metres, the Lake is accessible to all. The far east of the pool where the water is at its most shallow is the area reserved for our youngest guests. They can also play in the sand pit provided poolside. 
Nature also reappears in the grassy areas around the pool. 
Parents are fully responsible for the safety of their children both at the Lake and at the swimming/paddling pools.

  • With a maximum depth of 1.20m, it's sure to please everyone.
    With a maximum depth of 1.20m, it's sure to please everyone.
  • A raft or a giant buoy... everyone can use their favourite
    A raft or a giant buoy... everyone can use their favourite "water vehicle".
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