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The Monuments and the curiosities

There are numerous monuments and curiosities close to the Le Moulin de David campsite and we were not able to take inventory of all of them on this site. You thus find here only some of our personal favorites all at less than 30km from the Le Moulin de David campsite and associated to hiking paths.

Saint Avit-Sénieur

The village of Saint Avit-Sénieur is very rich architecturally and historically. While visiting the town you will discove rthe Abbey-church – Byzantine church of the 11th century -, the house of the Prior,the house of the guards, the Fort place with its house with a « sun dial », the Monk's dormitory, the Presbytery .The Monk's Garden is a terrace garden presently being replanted. It has irrigation basins with and without spring. It is an approach of various gardens linked to the history of the site and of the men.

From the beginning of July to the end of August, the association « As time goes by» of Cadouin organizes workshops for all the family around calligraphy, illumination and sculpture and proposes the discovery of the village and of its history through an «enigma» path.

Montferrand du Périgord

Dominating the prehistoric valley of the Couze, the village of Montferrand-du-Périgord welcomes you. A classified site, it has kept the authenticity and the charm of its old houses, among which some old residences of the Périgord type with Renaissance fronts are remarkable. You will also discover there the Market Hall dating from the 16th century (it has been listed to the additional inventory of historical monuments in 1948), the St. Christopher church and the castle (no visit).

Three hiking paths (50mn, 2h et 3h) will let you discover Montferrand-du-Périgord and its surroundings.

Eglise Saint-Christophe - Saint Léonard libérant un prisonnier

The abbey of Cadouin

Built in 1115, the abbey of Cadouin is on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the paths to Compostelle in France. The abbey has in the chapter house of the cloister a relic long considered as being the Holy Shroud. Eight centuries of pilgrimage around the relic are recounted there.This piece of fabric would have been discovered in a church of Antioche during the first crusade.

A hiking and OVR path of 10km starts from the market hall. Cadouin imposed itself as the most prestigious abbey of the Périgord and really deserves that we spend some time there.

The abbey of Cadouin

The medieval village of Issigeac

Contrarily to the Fortified Towns, new towns of the 13th century, its history dates back to time immemorial. Besides the cropped flints and the arrow tips, testimonies of human presence since prehistory , a Gallo-Roman villa and some Merovingian sarcophagus dating from the 6th century have been found during the cleaning up work in 1994.This medieval city, offers to the visitors an out of time stroll...

Progressively built around a Benedictine monastery, the narrow alleys curl up like a snail's shell, lined with house made of stones (13th and 14th centuries) or houses with wooden sections (15th - 16th centuries),  spaced with small shady areas, each one offering a fountain. Battlements built in the 13th century definitely give it its round shape. You will discover there the 16th century church facing the bishops' palace of the 17th century, houses from the lower Middle Ages, houses with wooden sections of the 16th century and the house of heads (15th century) where the wooden section are decorated with sculpted heads.

The medieval village of Issigeac
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